Jake Gyllenhaal Says He Won't Be The Next Batman

This news is going to come as a relief for some people, but it may only lead to more confusion about the future of Matt Reeve's The Batman. Months ago rumors began swirling that Jake Gyllenhaal would be starring in Reeves' film, in place of current Batman star Ben Affleck who appears to have one foot out the door.  Well, one thing's for sure. There may be a better chance of Affleck coming back than Gyllenhaal donning the cape and cowl.

In a recent interview Gyllenhaal was asked straight-up if he was going to play Batman, and his answer was simple...

“Wow, that’s a very difficult question. The answer to that question is ‘no’.”

It wasn't difficult at all.

Surprise! More confusion in the DC Films universe. This is one of their biggest problems, not having a sound strategy for upcoming projects and the revealing of information about upcoming projects. Affleck's dismissal from directing The Batman and obvious unhappiness with the DCEU in general has thrown the entire franchise into chaos, preventing them from moving forward. And now with Gyllenhaal pulling his name out of the running a whole new round of random rumors will emerge. So who do you think will be named next?