Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Really Want A Scarlet Witch Movie

For years the cast of Marvel's Avengers movies have been asked about solo movies featuring their character. Doesn't matter who it is, the subject comes up at least once. Even Don Cheadle has talked about a War Machine movie and he's barely around. Sure enough, the actors are always into the idea if Marvel wants to push forward, but there's one Avengers castmember who feels otherwise.

Speaking on a recent episode of Danny Pellegrino's podcast, Elizabeth Olsen doesn't sound as if she has any interest in a Scarlet Witch movie, which is definitely a break from the norm.

“We are at ground zero. …It’s definitely not something I’m pushing, and I don’t know if it’s something that [Marvel is] going to push either. Paul Bettany and I joked about having a domestic television show on Netflix or something, and it would just be like a house event where Scarlet Witch goes bananas. That’s what we joke about, but I don’t think any of those things are happening. But I’m happy that I’m still around and they still use me well – and that’s fine."

I'd pay to see a Scarlet Witch/Vision domestic drama series no matter what the subscription fee was. 

Scarlet Witch hasn't had a ton to do since she made her full appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but if Marvel ever does get their hands on the X-Men again all bets are off. Because then they could explore her mutant heritage, relationship with Magneto, etc., and that would make for a heck of a movie. As of right now, though, they're right to not even be considering such a thing.

We'll see Scarlet Witch do some magic-type stuff in Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th.