Danny Boyle's Musical Comedy Sets Fall 2019 Date, Conflicts With Next 007 Film

A few weeks ago while other sites furiously claimed Danny Boyle was directing the next James Bond movie, we decided to play it safe. Why? Because he didn't actually say that he was, just that he really was aiming to. As he is currently prepping a musical comedy with Richard Curtis it was a question whether Boyle could fit both movies in, and now it's looking like the answer is no. Universal has set a September 13th 2019 release date for Boyle's comedy, just two months before Bond 25 is due to open.

The timing is significant because there's zero chance he can do both if those dates stick. MGM expects Bond to open on November 8th 2019 and that date has been in place for a while. We've heard rumors they could be willing to delay it but only if Boyle is definitely going to direct. So far he is simply overseeing a script but nothing has been made official about him doing more than that. The only other option is that Boyle simply isn't doing the movie, and Bond producers will need to look elsewhere.

I expect we'll hear more on this soon.