Charlize Theron Says An 'Atomic Blonde' Sequel Is In The Works

I remember sitting in Hall H at Comic-Con last year as Charlize Theron showed off footage from Atomic Blonde, and we were all stunned by the incredible action, so reminiscient of John Wick. Not surprising considering it was shot by its co-director David Leitch. Coming off the love Theron gained as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road there was a great deal of expectation, but Atomic Blonde only managed about $100M worldwide upon release. A disappointingly low number, although still a financial success for the small-budgeted flick.

While a sequel seemed unlikely, Theron has confirmed (via IndieWire) that they are "working on a sequel" to Atomic Blonde.  There aren't any further details at this point, so we don't know who would be returning other than her. The first film was set just prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, with Theron as a secret agent sent behind enemy lines to investigate a fellow agent's death.

So Theron could be talking about a script being worked on, or perhaps they are just figuring out the story. I wouldn't even be surprised if the next film turns out to be an origin featuring a totally new actress in the role with Theron as a producer. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Theron will be seen next in Jason Reitman's Tully, opening May 4th.