'Black Panther' To Open Saudi Arabia's First Movie Theater In Decades

Could you imagine your life without movies? It's a fate worse than death if you ask me, but Saudi Arabia has had a ban on movie theaters for the last 35 years. Thankfully, because everybody should have to fill their bellies with artificial butter flavoring, that ban is about to be lifted and the first movie theater in years will open and the first movie they'll be showing is Black Panther.

Of course! What better way to launch the first movie theater in decades than with the $1B+ grossing Marvel hit? AMC will open the theater on April 18th in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District, having converted a standalone symphony concert hall. If all goes well AMC hopes to open as many as 100 theaters in Saudi Arabia by 2030.

This is pretty cool, right? Black Panther expands its global influence in a brand new market, and you just know Avengers: Infinity War will be there next.  There's a chance the Middle Eastern nation could become the next big international market, so don't be surprised if you start seeing more blockbusters tailored to their audience. Maybe Marvel will get cracking on that Arabian Knight solo movie? Eh, probably not.  [THR]