'Batgirl' Movie Moves Forward With 'Bumblebee' And 'Birds Of Prey' Writer

Warner Bros.' Batgirl movie is not dead, this despite the very public exit of Joss Whedon just a few weeks ago. Instead, the DCEU will push ahead on a new take on the project led by busy writer Christina Hodson, best known for the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff. This contradicts recent reports Warner Bros. no longer sees it as a high priority project.

The Batgirl film will center on Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. She's one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe and long overdue to be in a movie, which is why there was so much excitement to have it led by Whedon, architect of so many beloved shows featuring female leads. However, he was never able to find the right story to make it work, and so Hodson has been brought in to take a crack at it.  She's become a hot commodity around Hollywood, having penned the Katherine Heigl thriller Unforgettable, the Naomi Watts horror Shut In, and a couple of years ago she was hired to write a Harley Quinn-led Birds of Prey movie. Who knows the status of that right now. She also wrote the script for a remake of The Fugitive.

Batgirl is expected to be part of the next wave of DCEU films, but as of right now there is no release date and no director attached. [THR]