Awesome Con 2018: Taking In The Sights At DC's Most Awesome Pop Culture Event

Awesome Con 2018 took place over the weekend here in the Nation's Capital, and in its sixth year it has continued to grow, bringing in more guests, hosting more panels, and of course, attracting more Cosplayers! Me, Khalil Johnson, and Zack Walsh were there checking out the sites as usual. While I spent most of my time playing video games, chasing after wrestlers, and hunting down Funkos, Zack and Khalil attended panels (check out Zack's John Boyega interview recap and Lost in Space review) and took in the sights.

Maybe it's the personal connection of it being so close to home, but Awesome Con has quickly become my favorite con outside of San Diego. It isn't as big as some others and doesn't have the movie content that attracts me to other places, but what it has a terrific diversity of content. In a couple of days I managed to attend a Sean Gunn Q&A (hosted by the lovely and talented Kristen Page-Kirby), a Superman retrospective, a Q&A with WWE's the New Day, and two wrestling panels, one focused on queer and femme wrestling fans. And that was just a tiny bit of what I was able to take in over two days. Mostly, it's just been great to watch Awesome Con grow so rapidly, and I'm eager to see what they come up with for 2019.

Here is a collection of just some of what we were able to capture while at Awesome Con 2018, and yes you'll see some of us sprinkled in a few of these. Thanks to the staff at Awesome Con for another great year and we look forward to the next one!