Awesome Con 2018: John Boyega Talks 'Star Wars', 'Pacific Rim' And 'Attack The Block' Sequels

John Boyega is at Awesome Con this year!


The energy in the room at his panel Saturday night was electric, the air buzzing with excitement and glowing with the LED lightsabers that somehow made it through the weapons check at the front gate.
Now, this panel was exciting for a number of reasons. Not only was this John Boyega’s first appearance in DC, which he explained he’s loving BTW, but also his first appearance at a convention outside of San Diego or D23. We were among the first group of con nerds to actually get to Q&A with Finn, and that’s just rad as all hell. While the main focus of the panel was his new film Pacific Rim: Uprising, which he both produced and starred in, the topic quickly shifted over to the number one thing on everybody’s mind: Star Wars.

“I’m gonna called JJ Abrams up next week,” he joked when asked about the next installment. “I think Finn needs a jetpack in the next one, and a blaster in each hand.”

He also shed some light on his infamous hatred of Porgs, explaining that while we’re familiar with the cutesy final product, he had to deal with the onset puppets and their “beady little dead eyes” that freaked him out. While this is a perfectly justifiable explanation, I am still firmly team Porg.  

Speaking of his internet infamy, he is very much aware of our desire to see his character get romantically involved with characters of both genders.

“Rose wants me, Rey wants me, Poe wants me.” He laughed, but solidified that if he had to pick one relationship for Finn it would be Rey.

Speaking of Daisy Ridley, the biggest scoop of the night seems to be their upcoming partnership in Episode IX.

“She texted me the other day saying she just talked with JJ and that we’re gonna be back together in the next one.”

Big news considering that no one so far has read the script, though Mr. Boyega promises to tweet the “special secret phrase” “guys, I’ve read it” as soon as he does. This is our first real glimpse into the potential story dynamics of the upcoming film.

“But Zack,” I’m sure you’re asking. “What about Pacific Rim sequels?”

He’s open to them!

“But what about Attack the Block, the quirky British sci-fi comedy from nearly a decade ago that was his feature film debut?”

He’s open to sequels there too! And although no plans are set, he actually has discussed possible ideas with writer/director Joe Cornish.

“I’d love to see [his character] Moses mount up on police horses with his gang and take to the streets again.”

A proud nerd, Mr. Boyega returned to the convention floor, both to sign autographs and just straight up look around. In a heartwarming moment, he explained that the late Carrie Fischer lead by example that it’s okay to be yourself, and be both a fan and a star. That part of her humanity was her humility, which inspires him daily to be the unashamed fanboy he is. Which, when you think about it, is what this con is about.

Even Finn is a nerd about Star Wars.