Antoine Fuqua Talked With Sony About Directing Marvel's 'Morbius, The Living Vampire'

Imagine this, a Morbius the Living Vampire movie directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington. Damn that would be hot, and the biggest feather in the cap for Sony as they try to launch a cinematic universe with Spider-Man supporting characters. Now, it hasn't happened yet but Fuqua admits to Joblo that he wants to do a superhero movie at some point, and that he's had talks with Sony about Morbius...

“As a kid I grew up with comic books. They talked to me about ‘Black Panther’ years ago, way back in the day. There’s some reason they came up and they talked to me about at Sony, a Marvel character, Morbius [The Living Vampire]…that kinda came up. I don’t know, I have a thirteen-year-old son so I’m watching more of that again and it’s exciting to do that. I’d love to create a new one. Y’know, something that’s closer to what I get excited about.”

He would go on to mention an interest in maybe directing a Blade movie, which would also be a perfect fit. Not necessarily for Denzel, though.

Fuqua is reteaming with Denzel for The Equalizer 2, the first sequel either of them has ever done. They also worked on The Magnificent Seven remake together a couple of years ago, so it's clear they have a smooth working relationship. Come on, Sony! Make this Morbius thing happen! Last update was that screenwriters Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (Dracula Untold, Power Rangers) were working on the script, but there's currently no other talent attached.