A New 'Doom' Movie Is On The Way, Just Not Into Theaters

Doom is one of the most successful video game franchises of all-time and a major influencer for the first-person shooter genre, but the 2005 movie based on it was downright awful. The film, which starred fanboy darlings Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson, tried to bring the visual style and mechanics of the game to the big screen and audiences rejected it soundly, only earning $60M worldwide. Now it looks like Hollywood is ready to give it another go.

A few days ago actress/singer Nina Bergman tweeted that she was starring in a new Doom movie. Presumably she would be playing one of the Marines battling Hell's forces on the planet Mars.

While there was no reason to think her a liar, it was weird for Universal not to have made the announcement of a new movie official, as this was surely not the way they would have gone about it. Variety reached out to them for confirmation and learned that it is a reality, but set up over at Universal 1440 Entertainment. They produce non-theatrical projects both live-action and animated, which means this movie is either going straight-to-DVD, VOD, or a streaming service like Netflix. But chances are you won't see it in theaters.