'Wonder Woman 2': Kristen Wiig Confirmed To Bring The Funny As Cheetah

Wonder Woman is about to get a lot funnier. If there was a complaint about Patty Jenkins' film it's that the villain, Ares, didn't have much personality. Like no personality at all. That looked to change when rumors surfaced that Kristen Wiig was up to play Cheetah in the upcoming sequel. Surely she would bring the funny, right? Well now Jenkins has taken to Twitter to make the news official. Welcome aboard, Kristen Wiig!

Wiig will go toe-to-toe (lasso-to-paw?) with Gal Gadot in the sequel, which will reportedly take place in the 1980s during the Cold War. Cheetah is arguably Wonder Woman's greatest foe, or at least her most recognizable having appeared in multiple cartoons and video games. Real name Barbara Ann Minerva, Cheetah was a British archaeologist who becomes an avatar of an African cheetah god. It's as bizarre as it sounds, and if they stick with that I can see Wiig having a lot of fun with it.

Wonder Woman 2 opens November 1st 2019.