Sony Reportedly Moving Ahead On Spike Lee's 'Nightwatch' Spider-Man Spinoff

Sony may be trying to get some of that sweet sweet Black Panther cash. Last fall we learned of possible plans for a Spider-Man spinoff centered on Nightwatch, the African-American hero who looked like a Spawn knockoff. Spike Lee was attached as director but we hadn't heard any progress on the film until now when That Hashtag Show says it's moving forward.

Take that with a grain of salt. I don't have the confidence in That Hashtag Show that CBM and some other sites do. They report that Lee is officially on board but handling the script duties will be Luke Cage writer Cheo Hodari Coker, taking over from Ed Ridencourt (Now You See Me). Nightwatch aka Kevin Trench, was introduced in a 1992 issue of Web of Spider-Man when he discovered a dying costumed hero on the street, only to learn that it was a future version of himself.

Yeah, it's on some Looper-type stuff and to me that's hella cool. I was a big fan of the character back in the day, so the idea of Lee making a Nightwatch movie sounds like something worth checking out. The closest thing to a comic book movie Lee has done was his remake of Oldboy, which is based on a Japanese manga.