Rumor: Christopher McQuarrie Eyed To Direct 'Green Lantern Corps'

We haven't heard much about DC Films' planned Green Lantern Corps movie in a while, and that's for a few reasons. For starters, the entire label is in disarray as Warner Bros. tries to right the ship. The film is a long ways off and probably wouldn't hit screens for a few years at best. And there just hasn't been much movement on anything with it. Well, that could be about to change, although the sourcing tells me to be very skeptical.

That Hashtag Show says Mission: Impossible-Fallout director and Tom Cruise's buddy Christopher McQuarrie is being sought to direct Green Lantern Corps. McQuarrie has directed Cruise in Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation and Jack Reacher, as well, so you know if he came aboard the rumors would immediately pop that the actor might play Hal Jordan. The report even suggests Warner Bros. wants an actor aged 39-50 for the role, which is right in the Cruise wheelhouse. That would suggest a much younger actor to play fellow GL, John Stewart, who will be defending the universe alongside him.

So we'll see if this goes anywhere but I seriously have my doubts. Reporter Umberto Gonzalez says McQuarrie was in talks for the job back in October but nothing happened, while That Hashtag Show says their info is from last month. Now now boys, don't fight. You're both probably wrong.