Hugh Jackman Joins With 'Thoroughbreds' Director For 'Bad Education'

After playing ringleader to the biggest musical of all-time in The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman has decided on his next act. He'll join with Thoroughbreds director Cory Finley for Bad Education, which boasts a script by I Think We're Alone Now writer Mike Makowsky.

Wow that's a lot of talent already.

Details on the plot are slim but it's said to have an Election feel to it and is based on Makowsky's high school days. Makowsky's I Think We're Alone Now was one of the best films I saw at Sundance, a sci-fi drama led by Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning.  Finley's Thoroughbreds is in theaters now and it's a film I compared favorably to Heathers for its biting wit and unlikable teen cast. And Jackman can pretty much do everything, right?

Next up for Jackman is a run for President in The Front Runner, about scandalized presidential candidate Gary Hart. [Variety]