Honest Trailer For 'The Last Jedi', The Most Exhilarating/Insulting 'Star Wars' Movie Ever

Screen Junkies have played up the extreme divide between Star Wars fans in their latest Honest Trailer, this one for Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. It's no secret that Honest Trailers haven't been particularly funny to me lately but they are particularly inspired when it comes to the polarizing response to the Star Wars films, where traditionalists complain that Johnson has no understanding of George Lucas' universe while others think he's made the most brilliant film in the franchise.

Making a call back to their Honest Trailer for The Force Awakens, both the current narrator and his predecessor echo the opposing viewpoints of Star Wars fans, with one lamenting every misstep and the other excitedly cheering for any deviation from the norm. And look...there are some points made. The whole side story with Finn and Rose wasn't great, Holdo's entire motivation is off, and Luke was perhaps more of a dick than he needed to be. But the two also come to agree on certain things that are awesome like the lightsaber fight in Snoke's lair.

Both sides agree not to bother doing this again for Solo, which they agree is probably going to suck. I don't disagree.

Check out the Honest Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi below!