'Gotham' Recap S4E14 - 'Reunion'

This week’s episode of Gotham shows Ivy continue her path towards the city’s destruction, Bruce continuing his journey, Sofia making a power move, and the ongoing Ed vs. Riddler saga. No better time than the present to dive right in!

Ivy story arc – “I’m giving your city back to the plants, starting with the people who have hurt me”:

Ivy’s first stop during this week’s Gotham is the bar that Harvey works at. Luckily for Harvey, he isn’t there – but Ivy decides to leave him a message by killing all of the people in the bar with her new super plant. Lucius investigates the crime scene and realizes that Ivy used the Lazarus water to increase the potency of her plants. Jim comes and tells Lucius that Harvey killed Ivy’s father and now it is clear why she went to that bar in the first place. Jim warns Harvey about this and invites him to work with the GCPD to find Ivy, but Harvey declines and wants to keep rolling solo.

Ivy sends a recorded message to the Gotham news that they play to the masses where she threatens anyone that has ever wronged her and shows the body of someone who has been killed by her hyper potent plant. Jim notices a sign behind Ivy in the video that clues him in to where she is, and the GCPD break into her apartment looking for her while Harvey goes to question his contacts in the narrows. In the apartment they find dozens of empty plant pots showing that Ivy’s threat is real. She has used the Lazarus water to create a ton of the high potent plants to help her take down the city. Jim notices that Ivy’s closet is full of nice gowns and starts to think that she is planning on enacting her plan on a high class social event. Selina is also at the apartment and tells him that her plan is to reason with Ivy, but Jim does not think that is possible.

Harvey calls Jim and tells him that he has a lead on Ivy, getting him to come to the cellar of a bar. It turns out that Ivy used her perfume on Harvey to lure Jim to her so she could kill two birds with one stone. Ivy orders Harvey to kill Jim and then shoot himself in the head. Jim manages to pull a fast one on Harvey and knocks him out. When Harvey wakes up he is no longer under Ivy’s influence. He tells Jim that he is tired of blaming Jim for what happened and that the blame rests on his shoulders. Jim realizes that the event Ivy is targeting is the annual dinner for the Thomas and Martha Wayne Foundation – it is always nice when a lot of our characters are in the same place at the same time… it tends to bring out the fun for everyone.

My thoughts:

Crazy Ivy is at it again. She really will stop at nothing and is willing to kill anyone and everyone for her plants. This new Lazarus water roided out plant is fantastic and brutal. I’m sure there will be many more people added to her “garden” before the season is over. The scene in the beer cellar was not only important for Jim and Harvey to begin to mend fences, but it was just a great scene in general. Harvey taking responsibility for what has transpired between him and Jim is a big step forward and hopefully it leads to Harvey being back on the force. He is a great character and the show can only benefit from having more Harvey on it.

Bruce story arc – “I know who I am, I’ve seen what’s inside me”:

Bruce opens the case that houses his mask and suit and throws the mask in the fire. He is clearly still conflicted on his purpose. Alfred agrees to meet Bruce and Bruce quickly asks for Alfred’s help. Alfred essentially tells Bruce to go kick rocks. Bruce tries to convince Alfred that he has changed, but Alfred wants to see it – not just hear Bruce say it. Bruce wants Alfred to come to the Wayne foundation event that evening, but Alfred refuses.

Alfred changes his mind and decides to come to the event. Bruce sees him walk in and changes his speech to make it an apology to Alfred. After the speech, Bruce approaches Alfred thinking that this gesture was enough for them to be able to put the past behind him. Alfred is not there yet and tells Bruce he can’t truly help him until Bruce accepts who he really is. Bruce has another hissy fit and storms out, moments before Ivy takes control of the party and takes everyone hostage. The GCPD intervene and Bruce decides that he can’t just stand by and watch. He takes a bullet proof vest and mask from one of Ivy’s fallen henchmen and goes to rescue Alfred and take him to safety. Alfred refuses to go and he tells Bruce that this is exactly who he is and he needs to help those that need him, not just Alfred. Bruce heeds his advice and goes to help the rest of the guests at the dinner.

Bruce immediately takes down another thug, but Jim thinks Bruce is one of Ivy’s men and shoots him – luckily for us, Bruce gets hit in the bullet proof vest. Jim chases Bruce, but he manages to escape off the roof. Back at the mansion, Bruce tells Alfred he wants to help people – even if he has to accept every part of himself, good and bad. That’s good enough for Alfred who tells Bruce he is finally home.

After the dinner, Ivy goes back to her apartment where Selina is waiting for her. Ivy takes a vial containing the last of the Lazarus water to make more plants, but Selina whips it out of her hand. Selina ends up getting the vial and destroys it. Ivy lunges are her and grabs her around the neck to scratch her, but Selina puts a knife to Ivy’s stomach and it seems like they are at a stalemate. Selina drops the knife in a sign of friendship and Ivy tells her not to get in her way again and storms out of the apartment.

My thoughts:

I wasn’t expecting this, I thought Bruce’s hallucinations would put him back on track – but it seems like he will need more than a little plant hallucination trip to be ready to get back on the Batman path. During the meeting with Bruce, Alfred really stood his ground. It was great that Alfred is not just hopping back at the opportunity to be at Bruce’s side and pretend like nothing happened. It is important to teach him that his actions have consequences and Alfred knows this. After the fundraiser, it is looking like Bruce and Alfred have finally been able to get over the hump and Bruce can get back to his Batman training. Party boy Bruce was fun, but after we got that glimpse of the Bat during Bruce’s hallucinations – that’s all we really want, right? It also seems like Ivy and Selina have used up the last of their good graces that stemmed from their prior friendship. Selina may be a thief, but she still knows right from wrong whereas Ivy is just a lunatic. I imagine these two will be pitted against each other numerous times before this season is done.

Sofia vs. Lee story arc – “Since we’re family, I’m only going to do one hand”:

Sophia invites Lee over and they reminisce briefly about Mario. Sofia tells Lee that the Falcone’s are all about family and that Lee is part of theirs. Lee doesn’t buy that that is the only reason Sofia wanted her over and asked what this meeting was really about. That’s when the true Sofia comes out and she tells Lee that she wants the Lannisters (whoops!) the narrows to "bend the knee." She wants a 30% tax from the narrows of any legal and illegal income. Lee tells her this isn’t possible and most of the people of the narrows need every single dime coming in to survive.

Ed takes a little break from yelling at the Riddler (or just yelling at nothing to anyone else that sees him) to help Lee figure out what Sofia’s motives are. They send some narrows kids out to find out what she might be after. The kids report back that Jim and Sofia had a relationship and Lee decides to use that information to her benefit and invites Sofia to the narrows for a meeting. In the meantime, Ed is threatening to kill himself so the Riddler doesn’t have the ability to take over and try to hurt Lee anymore. He gets a letter from Penguin and he doesn’t really understand why. Riddler convinces Ed to check himself into Arkham instead of killing himself, which will keep Lee safe as well. Penguin greets Ed at Arkham and it turns out that his letter was a secret message to the Riddler to convince Ed to go to Arkham, and it worked. Penguin is able to coax the Riddler personality to take control of Ed so the Riddler is back!  

Sofia comes to the narrows to meet with Lee and discuss their arrangement. Instead of 30% of the narrows income, Lee offers Jim Gordon to Sofia. She tells her that she knows of crimes he has committed that Sofia can use to control Jim. Sofia instead decides a more targeted approach – her men kill all of Lee’s men and Sofia puts Samson in charge of the narrows. Before leaving she takes a hammer and crushes Lee’s hand. Jim gets a call that Lee is in the hospital and rushes to see her. He knows that Sofia did this and that enough is enough. Jim goes back to the precinct where Harvey is waiting. Jim comes clean to Harvey that he screwed up and asks for his help to make it right. He tells Harvey about Sofia hiring Pyg and that he knew about it and covered it up. Jim pledges to take her down, and when Jim makes a pledge – it usually comes to fruition.

My thoughts:

First off, as much as I liked the dumb Ed narrative, I was ready for the Riddler to be back. Once the Riddler visions came back into play and there was a lot of Ed yelling back and forth, it was time for one persona to full take over. Secondly, Sofia is straight evil. Who doesn’t love Lee!? Her poor hand! Jim is about to go ape shit on Sofia and her criminal enterprise and it is going to be a sight to behold.

Next week on Gotham:

Selina visits Bruce and asks for help, most likely in dealing with Ivy and her madness. It looks like Riddler and Penguin both escape Arkham. It seems like next week there will also be gunshots galore with Jim and Sofia pitted against each other. Somehow Jim gets shot and we see Sofia holding him at gunpoint telling him to beg for his life. How the hell did all of THAT happen!?!?