Edgar Wright Drops 'Baby Driver Vol. 2' Soundtrack With Unreleased Songs

While it does appear that Edgar Wright is planning some kind of followup to Baby Driver, his Twitter announcement of Baby Driver Vol. 2: The Score for a Score is no confirmation.  It is instead more of what you loved about his outstanding musical car chase/heist movie/love story, which is the incredible soundtrack.

There was so much great music crammed into every moment of Baby Driver that it couldn't all possibly fit in just one soundtrack. So Wright has gathered up what was left, along with a few surprises, unreleased and exclusive tracks, and Steven Brice's score which has never been released before now. We don't know a lot about what will specific songs will be included, but based on Wright's Twitter comments we can expect at least one brand new track from DJ Kid Koala and another of Baby's Mixes.

So look for Baby Driver Vol. 2: The Score for a Score when it drops on April 13th, and try not to rob any banks while listening to it.