‘Arrow’ S6E15 Recap: “Doppelganger”

Last week Arrow returned with the much-anticipated showdown between Team Arrow and the Outsiders.  Earth-2’s Laurel Lance was what they had a beef over.  Dinah wanted some much-needed justice over the death of her lover by Black Siren’s scream.  However, Laurel also knew where the city’s missing $70 million stolen by the late Cayden Hames, so he was forced to keep her alive.  In the aftermath of their battle, Renee was permanently injured and Black Siren suffered a gut shot but managed to escape.  She was found at a rest stop by a trucker where she revealed that she was “Laurel Lance” and was held captive for the last two years.

This week’s episode picks up with “Laurel Lance” returning back into the spotlight.  Remember, Earth-1’s Laurel Lance died at the hands of Damien Darhk and was honored as a hero, revealing herself as the Black Canary.  With her “miraculous” return, this causes all sorts of problems for Oliver.  Number one, he’s still under suspicion of being the Green Arrow and the press was hounding Earth-2 Laurel if Oliver really was the Green Arrow.  Once she has some privacy with Oliver and Quentin, she threatens to out him unless he plays ball with her being the “real” Laurel Lance.

Meanwhile, Oliver still has to deal with the investigation against him being the Green Arrow.  Renee is no longer a witness against him as the information about him being Wild Dog came from Cayden James, and with him as a criminal (and dead), it’s no longer admissible.  However, the prosecutor has a new witness that can out Oliver as the Green Arrow: Roy Harper.  Roy hasn’t been seen for two years since he went on the run and left Star City.  However, he was now back in town and the state’s witness against Oliver.  Oliver realizes he needs to investigate what’s going on with Roy and get from under this mess.

Unfortunately for Roy, he’s not the most welcome witness.  He’s under the loving care of corrupt police officers who are in Diaz’s pocket and have been torturing him over and over for a confession.  Roy is holding out, but he’s getting brutally beat up in the process.  Thea, who hasn’t been in the mix all season, realizes that her long lost love is in need of help, and she’s more than willing to save him.  She and Oliver go to a hotel where he’s being held for the purpose of doing recon, but she quickly springs into action to try and save him.  Oliver has to pull her out after a SWAT team storms their location so that she and Oliver won’t have to fight (and probably get killed by) the armed team.  Thea, while angry at Oliver talks with him revealing that she’s been in a run since Roy left.  Oliver proposes that when they rescue him, she leave Star City with him so that she doesn’t get bogged down with vigilante activities.

Realizing that there are way more corrupt cops than expected, Oliver realizes that Diaz is responsible for Roy’s kidnapping and launch a second rescue.  Thanks to a tip from Earth-2 Laurel of all people, they learn where Roy is being held and launch a rescue attempt to fight both Diaz and Anatoly.  Just as they cornered in on Diaz, his paid police come in forcing Oliver to escape.  Roy is able to escape with Thea.  While it’s not revealed if they will leave Star City together or not, someone has noticed Thea, a spy for the League of Assassins.  The spy reports that they have found the “heir to the Demon.”  Looks like we aren’t done with Thea just yet.

Next week, Nyssa and the League of Assassins returns, now recruiting Thea to be their leader.