‘The Flash' S4E13 Recap: “True Colors”

At the end of last week’s episode of The Flash, Barry’s secret identity was found out by the corrupt prison warden, Warden Wolfe.  Despite Barry not wanting to use his heroic alter ego as his trump card during his trial, it still was revealed after he used his power to help Big Sir escape from Iron Heights.  As a result, Barry was now at the warden’s whims, and he didn’t have any nice plans for him.

Warden Wolfe struck a deal with Amunet Black to sell the metahumans in his prison to the highest bidder, which she will then sell to various criminal organizations to use at their leisure.  In this new wing of the prison (which blocks them from using their powers) are all the metahumans from the bus accident that we have met this season: Kilg%re, Becky, Dwarfstar, and Mina.  Most of these metahumans were in the prison as a result of Barry stopping them.  Now he has to figure out a way to help them escape so that they avoid becoming slaves to Central City’s criminal underworld.

Lucky for them, they have a CSI on their team.  After Barry causes his toilet to flood, he manages to sneak the maintenance worker’s batteries to create acid which he then uses to help them escape.  Knowing that the metahuman wing of the prison is on top of the sewer system of the prison, allowing them to escape.  Most of the prisoners are eager to return back to their previous lives of crime, Becky, the metahuman who can alter probability in her favor, wants to go back to a simple life, one free of crime.

Iris, Cecile, and the rest of Team Flash are none the wiser about Warden Wolfe’s hidden plans for Barry and plan for their usual meeting with him.  Wolfe tells them that Barry got into a fight at the prison and it’s “policy” that he’s on lockdown.  While the story sells well, Cecile has her new metahuman pregnancy mind reading powers and learns about his plans.  They have to figure out a way to try and get Barry out before they lose him for good.  Lucky for them, they also have an ace in their sleeves that they didn’t know about.  Ralph, after running into one of his former shady associates, gets angry telling Team Flash about his encounter, actually develops the ability to shape-shift into the guy using his “Elongated Man” powers.  Team Flash comes up with the idea that Ralph shape-shift into Wolfe and convince Amunet Black to hold off on purchasing the metahuman prisoners.

The problem with Ralph is that he’s having a crisis of conscience.  His former friend reminded him about his own shady past.  He manages to shape-shift into Wolfe, but he is unable to convince Amunet Black as he is having trouble not only keeping shape, but he can barely walk.  Ralph manages to escape, but at that point, he calls it quits.  Caitlin comes to give him a pep talk, but when she can’t reach him, her alter ego Killer Frost gives him some straight talk which convinces him to find another way to help Barry out.

Barry and his team manage to almost succeed in their prison escape, only for Warden Wolfe to be waiting for him.  After he shoots a power blocker on Barry, the other metas are about to attack him.  Wolfe then drops the truth as to who Barry is to them, he’s The Flash and the one responsible for them being imprisoned.  They then turn on Barry, all except Becky who uses her luck powers to stop them.  Just then, The Thinker shows up and uses his chair to drains them of their powers.  He then uses the chair to transfer his consciousness into Becky and escape.  The Thinker now has a new body, and a whole bunch of new powers, probably why he wanted them created in the bus dark matter accident.  Because Wolfe wanted to sell the metas, The Thinker decides to kill him, something that makes his wife Marlize feel uneasy as the two were having problems with each other throughout the episode.

Cecile managed to have another hearing for Barry release in court, despite not having any new evidence.  Just when the judge is about to dismiss the motion, in wheels DeVoe.  Ralph manages to use his shape-shifting powers to impersonate Devoe’s body.  With the seemingly alive DeVoe, the judge dismisses Barry’s sentence.  There’s a celebration at the house for Barry’s release, but he’s a little concerned that The Thinker only took the bus metas when he had a plethora of metahuman prisoners to choose from.  He obviously has some ulterior motive.  However, there’s one meta whose powers he didn’t steal yet, Ralph.

The Flash will be on break for the next 3 weeks where Barry will try to save a “Country Girl” meta.