'Scarface' Remake Could Lure Back Antoine Fuqua To Direct, But Diego Luna May Exit

Antoine Fuqua just can't quit Universal's Scarface remake, at least not for long. Deadline reports the Training Day director is back in talks to direct the crime film, after dropping out early last year due to scheduling conflicts with The Equalizer 2. Fuqua's potential return is only the beginning of a wave of changes for the film, that depending on your outlook can be seen as good or bad news.

The film has faced numerous issues trying to get off the ground, not the least of which is finding the right director. Fuqua had been replaced by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), but he quickly left due to creative differences. Fuqua's return comes as Universal has removed the movie from their schedule, vacating the August 10th 2018 release date it was never going to hit.  Because of the scheduling maneuvers, previously-cast star Diego Luna may no longer be involved.

I see this is a net positive. Universal isn't trying to force this movie out quickly, and Fuqua is the right guy to capture the seedy criminal underworld the story depicts. Plus, I think they can do better than Luna as Scarface. He never seemed quite right for the role, in my opinion.