Rumor: Zack Snyder May Have Been Fired From DC Films A Year Ago

When Zack Snyder departed Justice League a year ago it was for a reason we could all sympathize with. In the wake of their daughter's death, Zack and his producer wife Deborah stepped aside from DC Films to properly grieve. Nobody can blame them for that. Joss Whedon was brought in to finish up Justice League and the finished result was a sloppy mish-mash of their two styles, and nobody seemed completely satisfied. Now an outgoing journalist for Mashable has info that Snyder didn't leave the job willingly, but was instead canned from DC Films entirely.

At the time, there were rumors that Snyder had been fired, and I'll say that at Comic-Con it was kind of an open secret. The relationship between Snyder and Warner Bros. seemed strained right from the start. It never felt like they wanted him to direct Justice League, only that they felt like he should since he did Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Now, another person might say those were two reasons why he should never have been directed another DC movie, but I always saw the studio's continuity logic in naming him. But there were reports early on of creative struggles, and that may have made it easier to cede control over to Whedon later on.

Ultimately I guess this doesn't matter too much. It might explain why we've seen zero movement on a "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, and since he's still listed as an exec-producer on upcoming movies like Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2 he will be a part of the DCEU for a while longer. We just won't be seeing him with the level of creative input that he's had in the past, and I think that's probably for the best.