Nintendo Confirms An Animated Super Mario Film Is In The Works

Grab your favorite raccoon suit and pair of overalls, because Super Mario is headed to the big screen. A few months ago we learned Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, the company behind Despicable Me and Minions, were in talks for an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. Exciting only because Nintendo has been super strict on using their flagship video game character in anything since the disastrous live-action movie from 1993. Well now it has been made official, thanks to an interesting tweet by Nintendo...

What's with the parsing of the words, though? "A movie starring Mario" doesn't necessarily mean a Super Mario Bros. movie.  It might be a Dr. Mario movie. Or maybe a Yoshi movie. Or possibly just a video game film that features Nintendo characters including Mario. Maybe something like Super Smash Bros.? That could make or a fun animated beat 'em up movie.

Nintendo's legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto will be on hand to produce the film, along with Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri. If this means we'll get to see a Mario Kart battle with the Minions then I'm all for it.