'Mary Magdalene' Trailer: Rooney Mara Is Jesus' Closest Confidant

Although she is the most prominent female figure to appear in the Bible, the story of Mary Magdalene has always been that of a supporting player. Especially on the big screen, she has been a frequently referred to element in Jesus' life, and little else unless you count The Da Vinci Code where she's basically a puzzle piece.  The new film Mary Magdalene from Lion director Garth Davis sets out to change that, and put her firmly in the spotlight.

That said, Rooney Mara's starring role as Mary Magdalene has largely been overshadowed by Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus.  It's through her eyes that we see the familiar story of Jesus' ultimate destiny fulfilled. Here's the synopsis:

Directed by Garth Davis (Lion and Top of the Lake) and set in the Holy Land in the first century C.E., a young woman (Rooney Mara) leaves her small fishing village and traditional family behind to join a radical new social movement. At its head is a charismatic leader, Jesus of Nazareth (Joaquin Phoenix), who promises that the world is changing. Mary is searching for a new way of living, and an authenticity that is denied her by the rigid hierarchies of the day. As the notoriety of the group spread and more are drawn to follow Jesus’ inspirational message, Mary’s spiritual journey places her at the heart of a story that will lead to the capital city of Jerusalem, where she must confront the reality of Jesus’ destiny and her own place within it.

Also starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tahar Rahim, Mary Magdalene opens in the UK on March 16th. Hopefully a U.S. date will soon follow.