'Kung Fury' Gets Crazier As Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins The Retro Action-Comedy

Ok, I wasn't exactly stoked when the 2015 retro viral short Kung Fury was revealed to be getting a feature-length sequel, not even with Michael Fassbender coming on board to star. But now with Arnold Schwarzenegger adding his '80s muscle to the mix it's starting to perk up my attention.

The Governator has joined Fassy in David Sandberg's film, a cheesy combination of cop comedy, kung fu, fantasy, sci-fi, and everything that made the '80s rad. Sandberg will direct, producer, and co-star as Kung Fury, “the greatest damn cop of all time” who has set up a special police force to take down Adolf Hitler. F'real. Schwarzenegger will play the U.S. President, and if you ask me that's worth the price of admission already. Oh, and David Hasselhoff is in it, back from his cameo appearance in the short. Here's the synopsis:

“It’s 1985, the best year ever. Miami is kept safe under the watchful eye of Kung Fury, the greatest damn cop of all time. Kung Fury’s Thundercops are the ultimate police force assembled from across history to defeat the villainous Kung Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. After the tragic death of a Thundercop causes the group to disband, a mysterious villain emerges from the shadows to aid in the Fuhrer’s quest to attain the ultimate weapon. Kung Fury must travel space and time itself to save his friends, defend the prestigious Miami Kung Fu Academy, and defeat evil once and for all.”

Cameras are expected to roll this summer! You can watch the original Kung Fury short here. [THR]