Kitty Pryde X-Men Spinoff Takes Shape With Tim Miller And Marvel Writer Brian Michael Bendis

That Kitty Pryde X-Men spinoff we heard about last month? It just became a very real thing, as THR reports longtime Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis has been hired to write the script with Deadpool director Tim Miller on board to direct.

Rumors began earlier today as Bendis was hired for a secret X-Men movie project with Tim Miller, codenamed "143". Let's just say it wasn't the best kept secret ever, because X-Men fans instantly knew that Uncanny X-Men #143 is an iconic Kitty Pryde issue. Her first real solo outing, back when she was still known as "Sprite", saw her battling a N'Garai demon in the X-Mansion while the others are away celebrating Christmas. The issue was penned by Chris Claremont with John Byrne art, and was deliberately designed to be similar to Alien, with Pryde doing her own impression of Ellen Ripley. The issue was important for Pryde because she was the only Jewish member of the team, and was feeling particularly left out during the holiday season.

So yes, this could be a particularly cinematic story to tell and should make all of the Kitty Pryde fans out there very happy. She's been notably played by Ellen Page in the previous X-Men movies, most recently in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but we might see the role recast. I'd be perfectly fine with Page coming back, though. Ellen Page vs. demons? Yes please.