Joaquin Phoenix May Not Know Anything About That Joker Movie He's In Talks For

Uhhhh...I know things are seriously jacked up over there at DC Films, but is it so bad that they're making offers to actors without letting them know about it? Earlier this month we heard Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play Joker in a standalone origin story that would have nothing to do with Jared Leto's version of the Bat-villain. It's a terrible idea for a movie but the casting of Phoenix is a good way to rectify it, however it doesn't appear that the actor knows anything about it. Either that or he's already gotten into character and is playing the trickster with our emotions.

Here is the awkward sequence from his interview with Allocine [via ThePlaylist] for Gus Van Sant's Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot...

So basically he seems completely befuddled at the idea of a Joker movie and that he's involved with it. Again, Phoenix has been known to pull our legs so he could be doing that here. Or more likely it's that Warner Bros. hasn't given Todd Phillips the thumbs up to make an offer yet. What this tells me is that it's highly doubtful we see Phoenix in the role, but maybe I'm wrong.