'Jessica Jones' Has No Filter In The Trailer For Season 2!

"Do you know Captain America?"

The days of living in secret are long over for Jessica Jones, if that kid's question to her is anything to go by. Marvel has debuted a terrific trailer for the second season of Jessica Jones, bringing back Krysten Ritter as the private eye superhero with a list of personal demons a mile long.

Picking up after the events of The Defenders, where she had to put up with Iron Fist's dumb ass for 10 episodes, Jones finds herself with an ugly reputation and her business all out there on the street, which is no good for someone like her. Remember, she doesn't have a drinking problem. She has a drinking solution.

Marvel may have been behind the eight-ball of the modern women's movement we're experiencing right now, but they're making amends by having every episode of Jessica Jones's second season directed by a woman.

Ritter will be joined by co-stars Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville and new additions Janet McTeer and J.R. Ramirez with David Tennant returning as the mind-manipulating Killgrave. Get ready to binge on Jessica Jones when it hits Netflix on March 8th.