Honest Trailer For The 'Blade' Trilogy, The Black Superhero Movies Everyone Keeps Forgetting

I absolutely adore the Blade trilogy. You probably know that by now, especially if you dared come at me with "Black Panther is the first major black superhero movie" nonsense. Nah, son. Wesley Snipes has Chadwick Boseman beat. Shit, you could say Hancock has Black Panther beat, but that's a conversation for another day.  Look, Blade isn't perfect, but you can't beat the Marvel antihero saying crazy shit like "Some muthafuckas are always tryin' to iceskate uphill."  How do you do that Wesley! How do you say ridiculous stuff like that and make it cool??

So the vampire-killing adventures of the Daywalker is my joint, and back in the conversation thanks to the arrival of Black Panther. That makes this the perfect time for those a-holes at ScreenJunkies to give the Blade trilogy the Honest Trailers treatment.  As expected, they rip my baby apart but in a way that's generally inoffensive, and they recognize that Blade deserves more credit than it's getting. They don't go too savage on it. We'd all argue the three movies vary wildly in quality.