Emma Stone May Have Turned Down Cheetah Role In 'Wonder Woman 2'

I don't consider this much of a rumor because, frankly, it seems like a no-brainer. That Hashtag Show, a source that demands you take everything from it with a grain of salt, has a rumor that Wonder Woman 2 will introduce Diana's main nemesis, Cheetah, when shooting begins in a couple of months.

The film will reunite director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot, and apparently Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is somehow supposed to return even though the story takes place in the 1980s.  How they would introduce Cheetah into the mix is unclear, though. Multiple versions of the villainess have been featured in DC Comics lore, but it's the Barbara Ann Minerva incarnation this story says will be on the big screen. Minerva was a neurotic British archaeologist who discovers a lost tribe in Africa and becomes the avatar of the cheetah god, nursing an unhealthy obsession with Wonder Woman and the Amazons.  Multiple versions of Barbara Ann Minerva exist, too, so I wouldn't be surprised if an amalgamation of the character is what is ultimately used.

With filming beginning so soon we should start hearing about potential casting, as Warner Bros. is said to be looking for a big name star for the role. The report claims Emma Stone was the first name approached but that she turned it down. That's fine because I'd much rather she play Poison Ivy in a Batman movie, just sayin'.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to open on November 1st 2019.