Dr. Seuss Biopic In The Works With Stephen Chbosky Directing

It's surprising that with all of the Dr. Seuss adaptations out there that the man himself has yet to have a biopic. Back in 2011 it looked as if Johnny Depp would take on the role in a film he was producing, but that project quietly vanished and isn't coming back to the best of our knowledge. But now we're going to find out about the good doctor in a new biopic titled Seuss, that has The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Wonder director Stephen Chbosky attached to direct.

Chbosky will direct Seuss, which will be about more than his career authoring children's books with clever rhymes and sayings in them. Personally I'd like a movie that explains how The Cat in the Hat's hat stays on top of his head.  Anyway, the film will have a script by Jonathan Stewart and Eyal Podell, and follows Theodore Seuss Geisel in the 1920s as he meets his future wife Helen, who helps him find his artistic voice and would later inspire him to write The Cat in the Hat.

No clue where this fits into Chbosky's schedule. He's got a Prince Charming movie in the works at Disney that might come first. Meanwhile, you can check out the next Seuss adaptation when The Grinch opens in November. [Deadline]