'Cloverfield' Cinematographer Has A Killer Teddy Bear Movie On The Way

Whatever happened to all of those plush toys you bought for past ex-girlfriends? Probably tossed into the garbage, let's be honest. Or, as seen in the 2016 viral short Teddy Bears Are For Lovers, the teddy bears of ex-girlfriends might still be out there waiting to get revenge. The film by David Ernesto Vendrell, Matthew Hawksworth and Almog Avidan was clearly inspired by Joe Dante's Gremlins, and even had the director listed as an exec-producer.

Now Lost and Cloverfield cinematographer Michael Bonvillain wants to bring the short to the big screen. He'll make his directorial debut on the film, which follows a college playboy and his current gal who must try to stay alive through the night against a horde of murderous teddy bears previously gifted to his ex-girlfriends. The premise has been expanded slightly so as to take place during Valentine's Day when they must “earn the forgiveness of these begrudged and wildly different ex-girlfriends before the sun rises in order to break the curse all while confronting whether their current relationship is meant to be."

You can watch the short movie in full below.