'Black Panther' Gets A Cool Comic Book-Style IMAX Poster

Reviews are starting to trickle out for Marvel's Black Panther, and while I don't read any before writing my own everything I've heard has been wildly positive. The film, which is shaping up to be the biggest thing to happen to Black History Month since...well, Black History Month, opens in a little over a week and Marvel has dropped the official IMAX poster, along with a promo reminding you to buy those tickets early. Preferably the big-money IMAX tickets. Do us a solid and pre-order your tickets here, you might get some free stuff out of it!

The image is done up in comic book style and it looks great, although I'm not sure who the artist is. Chadwick Boseman is dead center as T'Challa aka Black Panther, with Lupita Nyong'o by his side as former lover and Dora Milaje member, Nakia. We also see Latitia Wright as T'Challa's brilliant younger sister Shuri; Forest Whitaker as Wakandan elder Zuri; Angela Bassett is seen as Ramonda, the Wakandan Queen Mother. Finally we get Danai Gurira as Okoye, deadly leader of the Dora Milaje, Daniel Kaluuya as W'Kabi, T'Challa's best friend and head of security; and Winston Duke is M'Baku, the Man-Ape and challenger to the Wakandan throne.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther opens February 16th.