'Unsane' Trailer: Claire Foy Breaks Down In Steven Soderbergh's IPhone-Shot Thriller

Steven Soderbergh's "return" to mainstream movies fizzled with last year's well-reviewed Logan Lucky, so now the director says he's done making movies for studios. He's busy enough anyway with TV/streaming projects like The Girlfriend Experience, Red Oaks, and Godless, and of course there's always time to get experimental. That's what he's done on his latest film, Unsane, which Soderbergh shot totally on IPhone. Sean Baker called and he's suing for gimmick infringement.

The first trailer has arrived for the psychological thriller, and it remains just as mysterious now as before.   The Crown's Claire Foy stars alongside Juno Temple, Josh Leonard, Jay Pharoah, and Amy Irving. Foy plays a stalking victim who is involuntarily checked into a mental institution, only to continue to see her stalker everywhere. Is she crazy, or is she in real danger?

This looks like Soderbergh back in Side Effects territory and he seems to be having a blast with the idea and the technology. Unsane opens on March 23rd.