Steven Spielberg's Next Films May Be 'Indiana Jones 5' And 'West Side Story'

Steven Spielberg always has a few projects cooking, so that when opportunity arises he can knock something out quick. Lately he's been busier than ever, finishing up Ready Player One and likely Oscars contender The Post in rapid fashion. And now two more projects he's already closely tied to may find the busy director taking them on next if everything falls into place.

Deadline reports Spielberg has his eyes on Indiana Jones 5 and a remake of musical West Side Story as his next projects.  Spielberg has been eyeing the latter for a few years now and seems ready to move on it.  As for Indy 5, it's not set to open until 2020 which should give Spielberg time to do something else first. You'd think that would come first given star Harrison Ford's age, but nobody seems all that concerned about him bein too old to play the whip-wielding hero.

One film that won't be next on Spielberg's list? The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, based on the true story of a young Jewish boy who was kidnapped from his home in 1858, raised as a Catholic, and becomes a priest. Oscar Isaac and Mark Rylance were already on board but Spielberg seems to have lost interest, partly due to problems casting the young male lead. Has he not seen Menashe?

Next up for Spielberg is Ready Player One which opens March 30th.