Nicolas Cage Likes To Watch In Trailer For Motel Mystery 'Looking Glass'

Nicolas Cage is having a moment. The actor, who I think went through a phase of pretty much being considered a joke, is getting some of the best reviews of his career right now, for basically embracing his gonzo side in films like Mom and Dad (review here)and the unhinged Sundance horror, Mandy (review here). But for Cage's next film, Looking Glass, he takes a more reserved approach, and we'll just have to see if audiences respond to him with the same enthusiasm.

Directed by Tim Hunter with Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Robin Tunney (Empire Records) co-starring, the film stars Cage as the sanest dude in the entire movie. Wrap your brain around that for a sec. He plays a motel manager who discovers a crawlspace where he can peek into all of the rooms, only to have someone turn up dead in one of them. That brings the police and soon the manager's life is turned upside down.

While Cage may be toned down by typical standards, this trailer does feature him dancing in a bar (!?!?) and handling a snake, so normal for him is still sorta weird.  Looking Glass opens February 16th in theaters and VOD. Black Panther better watch out!