Natalie Portman Replaces Reese Witherspoon In Astronaut Drama 'Pale Blue Dot'

Ever since a second season of HBO's Big Little Lies looked more like a reality, the chances of Reese Witherspoon having time for other projects dwindled. In November we first started to hear that she may have to drop out of the long-developing sci-fi drama Pale Blue Dot, which has Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley behind the camera. And now today Witherspoon has been officially replaced by a fellow Oscar winner.

Natalie Portman has stepped into the lead role, playing an astronaut who returns home from space, only to slowly lose her sanity upon returning to her seemingly perfect home life. The last time we saw Portman lose her sh*t was in Black Swan and we saw how that worked out.

Filming is set to begin in the spring. [Variety]