Millie Bobby Brown Launching Movie Franchise On Sherlock's Sister Enola Holmes

Even though Eleven was pretty much the least interesting part of Stranger Things' second season, its hard to dispute that Millie Bobby Brown is the show's MVP. She's just begun to parlay that success into a big screen career, landing a role in next year's Godzilla: King of the Monsters. And now she's landed a movie franchise all to herself, based on one of literature's most enduring characters.

Brown will star in and produce a film series based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries novels, authored by Nancy Springer. Enola Holmes is the brilliant younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, and a more than capable detective in her own right. There are six books that Springer has published so far, beginning with 2006's The Case of the Missing Marquess. Her siblings Sherlock and Mycroft appear in the novels, and a big theme appears to be Enola's attempts to convince them she is every bit as smart as they are.

The project is set up at Legendary, the same studio behind Godzilla, so they are clearly investing a lot to be in the Millie Bobby Brown business. If the first film is a hit you can bet we'll see the story of Enola Holmes grow into a franchise. [Deadline]