'Krypton' Trailer: A Superman Prequel Series Minus The Man Of Steel

How ready are you for a Superman series that has 0% Superman? Hopefully, VERY ready because that's what Syfy's new series, Krypton, promises to give you. However, there is a very deep dive into Kryptonian lore, politics, and more, including a vast conspiracy to wipe Superman out of existence.

The trailer for season one has arrived and it looks like one of the network's most ambitious efforts yet.  Time travel is being employed to keep Superman's story firmly in the mix, as a villain from the future ventures back centuries to try and keep him from ever being born. The only one who can stop it? Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), Superman's grandfather who is aided by the DC Comics hero, Adam Strange.  You can't bring in someone like Strange and keep things tied down on Krypton, and sure enough it's been teased that we may see other DC heroes, even the Green Lantern Corps.

The series comes our way from showrunner Cameron Welsh, with Man of Steel writer David Goyer on board as exec-producer.

I'm not sold on this at all, but then I really hated Supergirl at first and it more than won me over. Perhaps Krypton will be worth giving a shot when it premieres on March 21st. And nope, it's not connected to the Arrowverse. For now. When it gets canceled and picked up by The CW that'll change.