'Justice League' Bluray Only Has One Bonus Scene

For months, ever since the release of Justice League and its dismal underperformance, there has been outcry from certain fans asking for a Zack Snyder director's cut. Petitions, fansites, actual rallies...and all they really have to show for it was the suggestion of a possible extended edition Blu-Ray. Surely Warner Bros. could meet them halfway or something, right? Throw these Snyder fanatics a bone?

More like a giant lump of coal. It appears Warner Bros. has included exactly ONE bonus scene for the Justice League Blu-Ray release, and it's exclusive to Walmart.  Ugh. As for what this scene could be? Who the Hell knows? There was a ton that Joss Whedon sliced out of the film when he took over, so it could be just about anything. Look at some of the early trailers and you'll see scene after scene that never made it into the theatrical cut.

The Justice League Blu-Ray arrives on April 4th. [ScreenCrush]