Jessica Chastain And Octavia Spencer Are Reteaming For A Christmas Road Comedy

While there were certainly comic elements to The Help, like a certain stuck-up southern woman eating what amounts to shit pie, I don't know it's exactly what we would call a comedy. The film was a huge hit for Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer, anyway, and it's long since past due for them to have a reunion. A Christmas comedy wasn't the way I thought it would happen, though.

Chastain and Spencer will reunite for an untitled Christmas comedy in the vein of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The treatment was developed by Chastain and producer Kelly Carmichael (The Nanny Diaries) for Peter Chiarelli (Now You See Me 2) to turn into a workable screenplay about two women trying to make it back home in time for Christmas.

Classic premise, two classy actresses...I dig it. No word on a director but I expect that will change soon with these two on board. [THR]