Happy New Year From Punch Drunk Critics!

From all of us here at Punch Drunk Critics, we want to thank you for another awesome year! Your continued support all of these years makes all of the hard work myself and the rest of the crew put in worth it. This was our biggest year yet and it was all thanks to you, taking the time out of your day to read what we have to say, and sharing us with your friends. 

I think I touched on most of this is a Facebook Live a couple of weeks ago, but going into 2018 we want to take things even further. More content, more video, more contests, more interaction with all of you. I love the emails you send me with ideas, comments, support, and criticisms. Please keep it up. You can either find me at screenings where I'm happy to talk to any of you, or shoot me an email at punchdrunktrav@gmail.com.

So that's it. Hopefully you're not standing around in the middle of that 10 degree weather in Times Square, and are comfortable in your homes drinking champagne and watching movies.