'Black Panther' TV Spot Reveals New Footage, IMAX Confirms Specially Formatted Scenes

February 16th is going to be a black national holiday judging from the number of people I know taking off from work to see Black Panther. Can't really blame them. It looks absolutely incredible and unlike anything we've seen from Marvel from a cultural perspective and from in terms of scale. Black Panther is a hero who is more than just powers, he's the ruler of his own country, a badass fighter, and the coolest dude in any room. And now we have more reasons to be pumped for this movie to just get here already.

Marvel debuted an extended TV spot at halftime of last night's National Championship game, and it's basically a mini-trailer there's so much in it. While there is a lot of footage we've already seen, the new stuff focuses mainly on Michael  B. Jordan as the villain Erik Killmonger, whose designs on T'Challa's (Chadwick Boseman) throne are made clearer than ever. He wants everything, not just to be ruler of Wakanda, but the rare metal Vibranium (which Captain America's shield is made of) and all of the country's technological secrets.

Meanwhile, IMAX has confirmed director Ryan Coogler shot some scenes special for the larger format, giving fans up to 26% more of Black Panther being dope and all that.

Tickets to Black Panther are on sale now and you can pre-order yours here!