'Basmati Blues' Trailer: The Domestic Version Doesn't Look Good, Either

The first international trailer that arrived for the weird rom-com Basmati Blues...gawd, even the title gives me the shakes, was so bad that producers were issuing apologies everywhere and the footage was quickly yanked from the Internet.  What ever could have been the problem? Hmmm...maybe it was Oscar winner Brie Larson in a comedy that sees her awash in a sea of bad Indian stereotypes?

Well now a new domestic version has arrived and...honestly, it's not a whole lot better. A touch less offensive, I suppose, but the problem is with the plot, that has Larson as an American woman sent to India to pimp some new way of growing rice. Ugh.  Of course, while she's there she gets the WASP nickel tour through Indian culture, and soon she's dancing the night away, falling in love, etc. etc.

I imagine a double feature with this and Rock the Kasbah will be in order?  Basmati Blues co-stars Utkarsh Ambudkar, Tyne Daly, and Donald Sutherland, opening on February 9th.