"Bad Boys In Mordor": Netflix Confirms 'Bright' Sequel In The Works

My thoughts on Netflix's Bright weren't exactly glowing, but when you have some critics out there claiming it was the worst movie of 2017, well that's just fucking absurd. It became much easier to be a defender of David Ayer's orcs 'n elves cop flick, and to hope audiences checked it out despite the early buzz being so crappy. Well, that happened. Bright attracted more than 11 million viewers in the first few days, and even better, audiences really dug it. Netflix was confident all along, and after a report surfaced a couple of weeks ago that a sequel was in the works, it has now become official.

Netflix has confirmed the sequel through a funny audition tape with orcs trying out for a role opposite Will Smith, who is set to return along with Joel Edgerton and director David Ayer. Ayer will also be writing the script.  They tease a handful of really cheesy titles, but the one I kinda dug was "Bad Boys In Mordor."  Come on, Netflix, make it happen!

So you may have noticed that screenwriter Max Landis' name wasn't mentioned, and that's because he's the one guy who ain't comin' back. Aside from him being a bad writer he's been in the news for the same reason most guys in Hollywood are in the news lately, and Netflix doesn't want any part of that. Between Kevin Spacey and Danny Masterson they've had quite enough of it, I'm sure.