A Kitty Pryde Movie Is In The Works From 'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller

The X-Men have a couple of resident ninja white girls on their team, and one is apparently about to get her own movie from the director of DeadpoolCollider reports that Tim Miller is actively developing a Kitty Pryde film, which he might direct himself.  The project is being set up at 20th Century Fox, so we'll have to see how far this goes once the deal with Disney is finalized.

Sorry, no Psylocke movie starring Olivia Munn. Yet.

There aren't many details on the Kitty Pryde film at all, and who knows if there ever will be. Any projects developing under the Fox banner have to be considered tenuous at this point, but it's good to know they are moving ahead as if nothing has changed.

Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, aka Ariel, aka Sprite, aka Star-Lord (yep, that one), is one of the most enduring creations of X-Men creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne. A regular girl from Illinois, she developed the mutant power to "phase", her word for becoming so intangible she can pass through walls, people, pretty much anything. She joined the X-Men and fell under the protection of Wolverine, who has a (creepy) fondness for caring over young girls. As she grew older, Kitty would become his equal in almost every way, but his superior when it came to team leadership. She would go on to have crazy adventures as part of the U.K. team Excalibur, in Japan alongside Wolverine, and later on in space as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy in one of Marvel's most questionable recent moves. She's been an agent of SHIELD, learned martial arts and fought against The Hand...pretty much everything. Oh, and she has a pet dragon named Lockheed.

There are so many potential stories to be told with Kitty, so chances are we won't see a rehash of what they did on the big screen before when she was played by Ellen Page in multiple X-Men movies.  Chances are they just start over from scratch, which is probably the best idea.

We'll see where this goes. Miller is already gearing up for his Terminator reboot, so if this happens at all it will be a ways off.