'The Toys That Made Us' Trailer: A Series For The Kid In All Of Us

No matter what your age, we all have toys that helped shape our childhoods. For me, I can rattle them off as easily as I can name my siblings:  Transformers, MASK, Thundercats, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe. And all of them remain popular today, consistently adapted into every form of media you can imagine. Okay, except for Thundercats which has yet to get a live-action film but you know it will happen someday.

Netflix has a new docu-series coming up, titled The Toys that Made Us, which looks into the influence He-Man, GI Joe, Star Wars, and Barbie have had over the years. And this isn't just a recitation of facts, it will talk to the people whose lives have been touched by these great toy lines, from the collector to the guy who grew up with them and never let go. 

Check out the trailer now, and watch the 8-episode series when it debuts on December 22nd.