Punch Drunk DVD's: 'Despicable Me 3', 'American Assassin', 'Twin Peaks', And More!


The third film in the hit animated franchise, Despicable Me 3 sees villian-turned-good-guy Gru (Steve Carrell) return to his roots, setting aside his Minions and his former life of crime to return home to his twin brother. Together, the pair set out to put a stop to the evil Balthazar Bratt (South Park’s Tre Parker), a former 1980s child star seeking revenge, out to destory the world.  

We Said: “Not only were [the Minions] the only characters anybody cared about after the smash 2010 film, they went on to have their own Minions spinoff, which did bigger business than any Gru-led movie, but they now occupy a huge amount of space in the Despicable Me films. Despicable Me 3 sees the Minions have their own subplot yet again, while all of the time spent with Gru feels like filler. […] Unfortunately, it looks like the next film will pick up a lot of what Despicable Me 3 lays down. I guess we'll have to count on Minions 2 to play hero and save the day.” Rating: 2 out of 5

Based on the best selling novel of the same name, Americna Assasin stars Dylan O’Brien as a young CIA black ops recuit determined to bring justice to the world at any cost, and Michael Keaton as the veteran spy tasked with mentoring him and keeping him in line. When the pair discover a growing pattern in a series of  recent terrorist attacks, they’re forced to team up with a dangerous Turkish spy to bring down the rogue agent resposnible for the violence.

We Said: “Who knew The Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien could out-Bourne Matt Damon's Jason Bourne, but he does in Michael Cuesta's American Assassin. Granted, the last Bourne film was pretty terrible in its awkward attempts to adapt to the new cyber age of counter-terrorism. American Assassin on the other hand is strictly old school, Tom Clancy-type stuff with a contemporary flair and O'Brien, while not the most credible action star the genre has ever seen, has the presence to grow into a believable boogeyman terrorists can quake in their boots over.” Rating: 3 out of 5

The long awaited revival of David Lynch’s beloved surrealist drama adds more intensity and mystery to the small town of Twin Peaks. Set 25 years after the original series, Agent Dale Cooper finds himself returning to the titular town when new information about the murder case he was attempting to solve imerges. Just as strange as ever, 2017’s Twin Peaks is 18 new episodes of pure mind-bending Lynchian madness.