'Mom And Dad' Trailer: Nicolas Cage & Selma Blair Have Gone Batsh*t Crazy

"I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!"

That classic line from The Cosby Show gets a funny callback in the new trailer for Mom and Dad, a batshit comedy-thriller starring an  equally batshit Nicolas Cage as a hysterical father trying to murder his kids. Oh, and his wife is Selma Blair, also insane. All of the parents are under some form of mass hysteria. Did I mention it's directed by Brian Taylor, one half of the duo behind Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?  Neither of those movies is what I would call tranquil.

The film had its premiere in the Midnight section at TIFF earlier this year and I remember there being some strong buzz for how off-the-chain it gets. The trailer definitely looks like it, with Cage set free to be as wild as he wants to be, tripping over toys in the living room, swinging a sledgehammer while singing "The Hokey Pokey". Yeah, I'm down for this one.

Mom and Dad opens January 19th 2018.