John Boyega Liked 'Bright' And Doesn't Care What You Think

One of the many drawbacks to the freedom provided by the Internet is that it makes it easier to turn everything into a sports match. The same way that politics has devolved into "my team vs. your team", so too has pretty much every argument ever fought online, and that goes double when it comes to movies. The importance given to Rotten Tomatoes scores doesn't help, as it encourages a mentality of consensus rather than individuality. Want to know who just found that out? John Boyega, who dared to tell the world that he liked Bright.

It's funny, because I got some nasty emails for my semi-positive review of Bright, also. But if you look at Rotten Tomatoes it was audiences that gave it 89% Fresh, while critics had it down around 30%. Maybe it's fellow critics blowing up my Inbox?

Obviously, Boyega shouldn't have to defend his enjoyment of the movie, but you can bet Netflix loved the free publicity. Don't be surprised if they quote his tweet when the Bright sequel bets going.