James Mangold To Direct Giant Cat Movie 'Crenshaw', Pierre Morel Heads To Survival Thriller 'Sirius'

After taking Wolverine to some seriously dark places with Logan, director James Mangold is going in the completely opposite director for his latest project. He'll direct Crenshaw, a family-friendly movie about a giant cat. Awwwwww. Based on the novel by award-winning "Animorphs" author Katherine Applegate, Crenshaw is about an imaginary cat who arrives to help a young boy whose family has fallen on hard times. Mangold is said to be working on a Logan spinoff centered on X-23, so who knows where this will fall onto his schedule.  [THR]

Taken director Pierre Morel will next direct survival thriller Sirius, based on a spec script by Tony Mosher who previously penned Mechanic: Resurrection. The plot sounds perfect for a Jason Statham or Liam Neeson to star in, too, following "two members of a Danish special forces dog sled team — one a sage veteran and the other a bold new recruit — who become ensnared in an international incident while on a mission to one of the coldest and deadliest places on Earth. They face off not only against highly trained adversaries but also cruel forces of nature." [Deadline]